Complaints and Appeals

Any complaints to the Association may only be considered by the Officers of the Association if the parties involved follow the processes set out in the attached document WSRA-Non-Race-Appeal-Process.pdf.

WSRA Executive Contacts

Chair : Andrew Richards

Vice Chair : Neil Cross ViceChair@welshsearowing.orgVice Chair Role Description.

Treasurer : Pete Fletcher

Secretary : Stephen Probert secretary@welshsearowing.orgSecretary Role Description.

Membership Secretary : Stephen Probert

Health & Safety Officer: Martin Grey

Welfare Officer and Child Protection Co-ordinator: Jill Gloster childprotection@welshsearowing.orgWelfare Officer Role Description.

Training Officer: Jane O'Connor Training@welshsearowing.orgTraining Officer Role Description.

Race Officer: Chris Haines RaceOfficer@welshsearowing.orgRace Officer Role Description.

Web Officer: Dave Reynolds webmaster@welshsearowing.orgWebmaster Role Description.

Assistant to Committee/Insurance: Richard Aherne assistance@welshsearowing.orgAssistant to the Committee Role Description.

Publicity/Development Officer: Martha Owen publicity@welshsearowing.orgPublicity Role Description.

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives Role Description.

The Mid Wales and Shropshire region

Midlands Representative: Sam Owen

The South Wales Region

South Representative: Nicola Thomas

The North Wales Region

North Representative: Richard Gloster