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Please find attached details of new WSRA liability policy and personal accident insurance on behalf of the WSRA for 2017/2018 season.

The 2017_AVIVA_Affinity_Policy_Wording.pdf

The 2017_AVIVA_WSRA_PA_Key_Facts_Summary.pdf

The 2017_Hiscox_WSRA_Summary_of_Cover.pdf


Please find attached details of new WSRA liability policy and personal accident insurance on behalf of the WSRA for 2016/2017 season.

The 2016_WSRA_Equipment_Elite_Rowing_Policy_06_16.pdf

The 2016-17-WSRA-Personal_Accident.pdf

The AVIVA_Personal_Accident_Key_Facts_Policy_Summary.pdf

Guidance on Incident Recording

The attached summary of cover also recommends an incident record is kept (see below), and that the assistant to the WSRA be informed of any incident(s) so that the insurance broker can be informed, to ensure the policy is up to date and remains active. The WSRA prides itself on a good safety record over its history and the insurance brokers are quite aware of this when providing renewal quotes.


We would recommend that a designated person within your organisation is made responsible to record any reportable accident.

Records must be kept for at least 3 years. Names and addresses of any possible witnesses should also be recorded.

Current legislation does not specify the format of an accident register but the Accident Book BI 510 obtainable from HMSO is frequently used and is approved by the Information Commissioner for D&A Compliance.

The register must contain the following information relating to all reportable accidents or dangerous occurrences:

  • date and time of accident
  • as regards a person at work - full name; occupation; nature of injury; age
  • as regards a person not at work - full name; status [e.g. customer]; nature of injury; age
  • place where accident occurred
  • a brief description of the circumstances
  • method by which the event was reported.
  • Guidance on trailer towing

    This guide on trailer towing from British Rowing is essential reading for anybody involved in towing rowing trailers. Please make sure anybody from your club who tows is made aware of its contents and understands their own position with regards to insurance and the law. Several WSRA clubs have had incidents over the years, and it really could happen to you.

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