WSRA Affiliation

WSRA Affiliation (1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021)

Before affiliation can be accepted for the year starting in April 2020 the WSRA requires some basic information from your club. This is to enable us to keep the necessary records and to update our information on each club in our database.

As an affiliated member of Welsh Amateur Rowing Association Limited and ultimately Welsh Rowing, the WSRA must ensure that each of our clubs complies with their regulations. Any amateur rowing club or club that has facilities for rowing, situated in Wales, may be affiliated to the Association on becoming approved by a two-thirds majority of the executive committee of the WSRA. Each member club thereby binds itself to observe the rules of the WSRA.

Acceptance is not automatic, we must satisfy ourselves that every club is run in an acceptable way before affiliation can be granted. More details are contained in the following document:

Affiliation FAQs

Q. When does the affiliation period begin, how long is it for?
A. The affiliation to the WSRA runs from April 1st – March 31st each year.

Q. How much does affiliation cost?
A. The affiliation fee for 2020-2021 is £149. (This is waivered for the first year of a newly established club)

Q. How much are the individual membership fees for Adult and Junior members of our club.
A. The annual membership fee for an Adult is £15, Junior (under 18) is £6. This covers personal insurance for the individual member.

Q. Are there any conditions the club must meet before we can be affiliated to the WSRA?
The conditions of affiliation depend on payment of the fees and completion of the documentation required. See list of documents attached below.

Q. Will we get a certificate to say we are affiliated?
A. Once affiliated the club will receive an affiliation certificate for the year. Each member club thereby binds itself to observe the rules of the WSRA. Please allow 3 – 7 days for the certificate to be issued by the WSRA secretary. This will be sent only to the club secretary email address.

Q. We have sent the Membership spreadsheet with x number of members and paid fees accordingly, however more members have joined, what do we do?
A. Every time you update the Membership spreadsheet you must send a copy of this to the WSRA Secretary and pay the appropriate fees.

Q. How do we pay our fees?
A. You can pay by BACS Transfer or Cheque.
Pay by BACS – Please use Sort Code 20-37-82 Account No. 60244880
Please use the name of your club as Reference.

Pay by Cheque – Please send a cheque (payable to Welsh Sea Rowing Association, note name of club on back of cheque) to:

WSRA Secretary
2 Ynys Dawel
SA62 6UF

The above payment details will also be sent to you by email on completion of the online affiliation form.

Q. What are the benefits of membership, why should our club affiliate and members join WSRA?
A. There are many benefits from joining the WSRA.
More information is shown on the WSRA Membership Page.

Documents Attached for Information:

Documents Attached for Affiliation:
You can now fill in the Club Affiliation form ONLINE, scroll down to do this. If you do not wish to fill in the online form please download the affiliation form word document, fill it in and send to the WSRA Secretary:

* The following three documents MUST be downloaded, filled in and returned to the WSRA Secretary before Affiliation can be granted.*

Online Form for Club Affiliation:

Please fill in the form below and submit to the WSRA, remember to add a copy of your club constitution using the upload feature.